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Welcome to My Favorite Wigs, Chattanooga TN.  Whether you are interested in wigs for travel, convenience, career, hair loss from medical conditions, or just to enjoy a better version of your own hair, you have come to the right place.

Loving yourself enough to look the way you want… That’s Godiva’s Secret and the reason they are My Favorite Wigs.  And all your friends will want to know what’s your secret to having that great new look when they see you in your Godiva’s Secret Wig.

One of the gifts of being a woman is that we can choose how we want to look each day, from the color of our eyes, lips, tan and even height.  My Favorite Wigs complete the style that we are after each day from the top of our heads to our heels.

Wigs offer us a change when we are bored with our own hair.  They never frizz and are always ready to go when we want.  Wigs make us look like we just spent $200 on a great cut and color.  They give you confidence and great hair makes a great first impression.

My Favorite Wigs, the Godiva’s Secret Wigs are high quality synthetic, which means they will never frizz and when you wash them, they dry the way you bought it – no blow drying or styling necessary.  They are feather light and airy, so they do not inhibit hair growth.

The truth is many women are wearing wigs and enjoying looking great in seconds!  Isn’t it time you tried one?